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Family Medicine Board

Concise, helpful notes. Excellent teaching, I would recommend this course to anyone preparing for the boards

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This is a very organized program with a well thought out lecture with notes and great examples. It included many possible sample questions that really helped satisfy the points of each section.
  Jeremy Boyd, MD
Excellent review course covering all high yield topics presented in a simple manner by Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal.
  M. Nagapaga, MD
It’s very concise and detailed materials help in understanding the concept of medicine; “Family Medicine” in mastering the board. I recommend this review to all of my colleges and more.
  A. Ouadi, MD
I found Premier Review a very good, precise, and quick review. It covered all subjects. It goes directly to the important exam points. All information of the information is updated and follows new guild lines. This course not only prepares you for the exam but it also made me a better physician.
  Y. Homsi, MD
It was a very good course overall for FM Boards. Focused on possible clinical scenarios and questions. You have very good graphics and very useful 4 boards and everyday practice.
  A. Zevallos, MD
This is the most comprehensive review I’ve ever had. Although it was intense, the teaching was simplified so that even a medical student would understand. I am definitely smarter than when I entered the course.
  N. Jean-Marie, MD
Study materials are user friendly, very portable, very organized. Presentation was memory friendly, very applicable analogies.
  Live Course Attendee
This course covers EVERYTHING and cuts out all of the crap you don’t need. I have taken Kaplan in the past and found myself getting bored and easily tired because they covered extra useless information not going to be covered. This course keeps it simple and to the point.
  Course Attendee
Excellent presentations of topics, pertinent notes in bullet format were very helpful. Condensed format provided for a quick review. This course is highly recommended.
  M. Siciliano, MD
This is a very good course. It was well organized and well taught, definitely worth the investment.
  Course Attendee
Great course! Especially if offered before in-training exam. It will be great for residents!
  Live Attendee
I have found the course to be helpful, insightful, and most of all, thorough. I will definitely come home feeling confident that I am prepared for what the boards will present.
  Live Attendee
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