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Great review, concise and to the point. Kept the info clinically relevant for the exam, stressing what is important to know. Appears quite thorough. Instructors are very knowledgeable and approachable. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Dr. Ramirez

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I am currently applying for my medical license thanks to your course. I highly recommend this review course to everybody I talk on the medical field. Thanks.
Concise notes with no fluff. Lectures have very effective teaching methods. Classes helped build stamina for exam. Great explanation of CCS strategy…KNOW THAT!
  Dr. Davis
The course has given me the confidence in the ability to rebuild my knowledge. I strictly believe that if I follow the steps of management and review diligently then I will pass the boards. I appreciate the advice and sincerity of the Professors.
  Dr. Derold
Thank you for all to making it simple, affordable and giving a good lecture.
  Dr. Bahari
Very positive, supportive and motivating atmosphere. Practical amount of material with all the tools to succeed.
  Dr. Doherty
I am pleased with my choice of Premier Review. Lectures and notes are precise and thorough. Instructions have command on subjects. Great energy and taught with passion. Thank you team Premier Review.
  Dr. Nadeem
I am convinced that the reason why I passed USMLE Step 3 was Premier Review. A load has been removed from my shoulders. My scores prior to Premier Review on 2 occassions: 177/70 My score after Premier Review: 220/88 Thank You Dr. Akhter, I guess that you must feel very satisfied with the work that you are doing and the people that you are helping. May God continue to bless you.
  Ruben Martinez
Thank you for this course, even though it was a bit intense. I feel like I have a better concept on my subjects and this rapid review is just what I needed before my test. I came in not knowing what to expect but I am leaving happy and glad that I attended this course.
  Dr. Shiby
Excellent course and quality teaching. The material is concise and easy to understand. Both Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Ahkter are very supportive and helpful in clearing any doubts or questions. The best review course that I’ve taken for the USMLE.
  Live Course Attendee
I took Premier for Step 2 and scored really well, so I didn’t hesitate to take it for Step 3. It’s an amazing course which makes the hard to remember details into simple concepts.
  Live Review Attendee
Drs. Akter and Agrawal.....I am an intern in Family medicine and I took your course in march after 2 failed attempts at step 3. I just found out last night that I PASSED!!! My only regret is that I didnt take your course earlier. I could have saved so much time, energy, and heartbreak. The course is phenomenal, not just for the boards, but also for practice. I feel like a much stronger resident since coming there in march. It was 7 days of pure agony, but in the end it was all worth it. So, Thank you...I look foward to attending you FP board review course in about a year and half...and this time, I am taking it before the first attempt!!! Thank you again! take care
  Live Course Attendee
The materials provided are so well written in a concise format, easy to understand and up to date. I see that the notes we are given are really all that we need and I am not planning to overwhelm myself with other sources. I thought the teaching was excellent and I understand more than I did in medical school.
  Live Review Course Attendee
“Know that” it’s been a pleasure, thanks for a great review
  Live Attendee
The hints, perspective and dissuasion about CCS and MCQs are great. Content of material is good. You both said helpful things to change my perspective and approach to this exam. Thank you.
  Live Course Attendee
Great review, learned a lot, very focused and helpful. I got my moneys worth for sure. CCS review was very helpful
  Dr. Bhawna
Outstanding board review course! Over the many years this course as offered, it has been fine tuned to perfection. Both Drs were clear and direct in general with their lectures as well as pointing out all the high yield material. I am confident that I have all the material necessary to pass with flying colors.
  Dr. Eric K
Dear dr. Akhter and dr. Agarwala, I want to thank you very much for the wonderful courses that you offer. I pass step3 with score of 91 (217) on the first attempt. I apply for residency this year, and your courses helped me and made me more confident not only for the exam but also for my future residency. I studied for 4 months. I reviewed your on-line courses for complete 3 times and I revised several times. I started to study other courses like Kaplan, even archers review but I quit in a week after I started your courses, premier review courses are complete, updated and strong. I highly recommended these courses because I didn’t find any sufficient course like this, my scores : step1= 91(219) and step2= 90(219), I gave my scores to tell everybody that you can get high score in step3 even without having double 99 in step 1&2, and I’m sure without these courses I really couldn’t not only get good score but also pass. I would really appreciate your time and efforts.
  Dr. Mohammadi
The video course contributed significantly to me passing step 3. Just the right amount of information. Great course i would recommend to others
  Kevin Jose
Thanks Dr Akhter! Your USMLE Step 3 course was outstanding. I am currently in private practice as an ob/gyn and still refer back to your lecture notes from time to time. Thanks for all your support!
A superb compendium of absolutely necessary material. The examples offered by the faculty are extremely helpful. The questions complement the handouts. The faculty offer very useful pieces of advice regarding how to optimize our control of the CCS software and how to mange the patient, rather than focusing on diagnosing the disease.
  September Course Attendee
Great review course. Very focused material and wonderful explanations at each step of the materials discussed.I will 100% recommend this course.
  September 2011 Attendee
Being a new resident I would have never been able to cover this much material on my own. Thanks!
  Dr. Johanna
Outstanding very unique. I wish I knew about this review course all before my first attempt.
  course attendee
Dr. Akhter is inspiring. Dr Agrawal is an awesome teacher I wish he was my attending.
  live course attendee
Premier Review course is a very organizes course. It ace me a concise review of Step 3. It also gave me motivate to take the exam with better underrating. It was very helpful for me.
  Dr. Burhanullah
I would like to thank Drs. Agrawal and Akhter for their excellent job and extraordinary material. I love this review course. I believe this extensive review courser wold not only help my USMLE step 3 wham, but also hey my future career life.
  September 2011 Attendee
I appreciate that the course goes beyond just teaching the material, but also reaches out to the students, and the instructor are willing to help and guide us to purse our future goals in medicine.
  September Course Attendee
I used Premier Review for Step 2 and was extremely content with my results. After struggling with Step 1, the program was a life saver. I’m looking forward to reviewing the Step 3 audio and notes. Thanks for the concise and to the point lectures and motivation.
  Dr. Nord
The course was well structured and well organized. Material and exam strategies were well articulated and delivered. High yield topics are covered and key points highlighted.
  Dr. Jamal
Concise, sharp review of material for Step 3 with good test taking tips.
  Live Review Attendee
 I took your February course in Queens.  I wanted to take the time to thank you and your team for making the course such a great experience.  After two years of studying and other review courses, it wasnt until I took the Premier that I found the right tools to make this goal possible.  I have passed my exam and mere words are unable to express my happiness.  I am truly grateful for your hard work and dedication to make clinicians and students obtain successful results in their USMLEs.
  Dr. Mejia
Excellent concise review. Dr Akhter and Dr Agrawal are both very nice and approachable and willing to answer all questions.
  Dr. Eric K
Very useful course. Covers all topics. Reveal many important parts of Step 3.
  Dr. Yuriy
I really enjoyed the course. The explanations were clare. Thank you
  Live course attendee
This program has greatly increased my knowledge in medicine and created the confidence to be successful and be a good doctor. THank you very much for sharing with me your extensive knowledge in medicine.
  course attendee
I thought this was a great review course. The material covered was relevant to the exam. The teachers were encouraging. I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking the Step 3 exam.
  Dr. Matthew R.
As a family practice resent, Premier Review would be a great refresher course during resident. It will affect my way of treating patients and also improve my management. I highly recommend this course. Drs. Akhter and Agrawal are impressive and knowledgeable.
  course attendee
I love this course. By fare its my favorite review courser. I knew halfway throughout the 2nd day that this reeve material would be all I would need to do well on the Step 3 exam. I dont plan to use any other material to prepare in the newt 5 weeks before my exam. The material is concise, and up to date, they really focuses on comprehension and knowing whats important.
  Dr. Paulina
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