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Great review, concise and to the point. Kept the info clinically relevant for the exam, stressing what is important to know. Appears quite thorough. Instructors are very knowledgeable and approachable. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Dr. Ramirez

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This course is well structured and innovative at this level. It is unrivaled in its high-yield and up to date review.
  Michael Dizon, MD
Very thorough review course. Very updated and useful. Thank you very much
  Francisco Herrera, MD
Very thorough and clinically relevant. Hopefully this will translate into good test score! Many thanks
  Laura White, MD
Premier Review Course has been successful in providing a concise yet comprehensive step 3 board review course. The information is not only useful for the exam but also for day to day patient management for those still in training for residency. I would highly recommend this course for fellow colleagues.
  Delores Dotson, MD, MPH
This program is better than KAPLAN. Bottom line the best part is teaching us how to answer questions and trigger to help memorize.
  Bella Dattani, MD
Ross University School of Medicine
This course has been so helpful, particularly the review of the clinical Case simulation and approach to CCS. I appreciated all the exam questions and humor and insight this course has given into all the exam material.
  Ruby Bayog, MD
Course, instructors, educational material and teaching were fantastic and of the highest quality!!
Excellent course. Very helpful, updated. I strongly recommend it to anyone who would like to attempt USMLE step 3.
  Alexandra Berger, MD
Course was very good.
  Feras Fakhry, MD
Really comprehensive material. "These guys know the brad and butter of the exam success". Good job. Highly recommended.
  Harshit Seth, MD
Practical, delightful, informative review of step 3. It also serves as a solid base for the practice of medicine in general. I learned a lot! Thank you Dr. A & Dr. A.
  Ismail Penukonda, MD
You are doing very good. The repetition technique is very good. You are working hard to stay current, This is very good. Overall 4.5/5. Your price is very competitive.
  Timothy Stypinksy, MD
Very helpful course within short time. In a limited time, I got lot of important information, which is very helpful. For busy doctors, eg: residents and fellows like me, this short but precise course really helpful. Thank you.
  Punyabrata Roy, MD
It is balanced and good. You guys have covered everything in a short period of time. It has everything that is asked in the exam. I feel very comfortable now and I am excited to take it.
  Mohammad Abbas, MD
Excellent review course. I feel they have covered all the high-yield material. The notes is concise and thorough.
  Sudhir Kumar Chiluka, MD
It is beyond description by words. It was miracle. I had given up until I went for the course. Without this course It would have been like walking blindly to what I do not know much about. Thank you. God bless.
  Olu Adejayan, MD
I believe this course is one I should have taken prior to my residency. It would have made me stronger. I recommend this course to anyone before, during and after any residency.
  Obed Saint Louis, MD
Premier Review is a very good course to attend for anyone who wants to cover the basic concepts in a very short time for step 3. I enjoyed attending the course, made lots of friends and most ready to face step 3 better.
  Aruna Perumal, MD
Extremely well prepared, concise, yet comprehensive review of all high-yield topics needed to d well in the exam. I strongly recommend this course.
  Sri Ram Pntakota, MD
Glad I took the review course. The material is very high-yield. Highly recommend.
  Minh Tran, MD
I want to personally thank Drs. Agrawal and Akhter for the outstanding job teaching material relevant to successful completion of USMLE Step 3. I recently learned that I passed with flying colors. Premier Review was by far my strongest tool in preparation for this examination. I learned far more than just invaluable study techniques relevant to this examination. The best review course I have ever attended for any examination purposes and by far. I highly recommend this course. There is no other course available on the market that can touch Premier Review. I can finally concentrate on residency. I am amazed at how up to date Premier Review is pertinent to USMLE Step 3, and as I have heard USMLE Step 2 CK. Premier Review is the best because it is you writing out critical details, and writing it down in your own words really helps to solidify key and crucial information, that goes for both the multiple choice section and ccs.
  Raminder Ahluwalia
December 2006 Course Attendee
Excellent, focused and thorough review with good explanation and pertinent material for easy study.
  Tatiana Menick, MD
I think this is an excellent course, covers all types of information…
  Bernali Hasan, MD
It was a great course.
  Steven Dudley, MD
Very good course, excellent material and pertinent information.
  Sandhya Yerram, MD
Excellent course. I will recommend to anybody.
  Sumathi, MD
Very helpful
  Deborah Solnik, MD
Extraordinary course
  Wil Germain, MD
The educational material is excellent and up to date. It is very helpful not only for step3 but in general for practice. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
  Kalpana Kumari, MD
I appreciate the dedication the instructors have shown during the last six days. There are truly interested in helping us pass this most difficult test. The review notes are excellent.
  March 2007 Course Attendee
The course is excellent. Very concise and organize material with sincere efforts of Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter trying to bring out the best and making things simple to understand. Both are really really nice, helpful and very friendly. I am very happy with the course and would strongly recommend it.
  March 2007 Course Attendee
I have enjoyed the course presentation, organization and the case simulation approach. When I started the course, I really did not know what to expect but I have been impressed by the whole course and feel confident the I will do well in the exam.
  March 2007 Course Attendee
It was the best course I have ever taken. Good strategies for the exam, good material. Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter are very qualified doctors that advocate for this course. After taking this course I feel very confident.
  March 2007 Course Attendee
I think that you covered enough and precise things that we need to know. I am very satisfied and excited to start reviewing, studying and memorizing everything that you have given us. Thank you very much.
  March 2007 Course Attendee
The course is excellent. I have taken the exam before and I think the material is very complete and covers everything I need to know to pass. Thank you very much, I will keep in touch.
  March 2007 Course Attendee
Your course is extremely focused for high yield topics, CCS as well as strategies.
  March 2007 Course Attendee
Best course for step 3 within short time period of six days. Definitely better than Kaplan.
  March 2007 Course Attendee
Your course was amazing. During the course I really liked that your lectures broke down every aspect of medicine from cardiology to ob/gyn. I appreciated your humor and passion as you taught and when left I had gained much confidence in my ability to study properly for USMLE step 3. I took the test and scored my highest of any step. Without your structured and organized approach to cover all of the material I don`t know if I could have achieved the score I did or the amount of knowledge I gained while studying. Thank you for all of your time and effort you have put into this course!
  amanda berg
Thank you for a very organized and thorough course. It`s up to date and clinically relevant to medicine today. I have gained much confidence in applying what I`ve learned here for my residency in the future.
Very informative, compact, successful,extraordinary. Extremely helpful for everybody. Nothing is better preparation than Premier Review preparation course for USMLE step 3. Kaplan stinks.
  Kornelia Mikhats, MD
I took home study for USMLE STEP-3 and I found the same thing that was posted by earlier students. I scored highest of all the steps I took. I would highly encourage and recommend for those who don`t want to waste attempts and resources. I thank Dr. Agarwal and co for there invaluable material and insight.
I passed my step 3 on Oct 2007, 2 weeks after my review. All of us from Georgia state who did the course with you in September 2007 passed. Thanks for the good job.
  Dr. Efobi
I took your step 3 course last december in NJ, and retook my exam in mid-January....and passed!  I also had a friend there who was a repeat step 3 taker, and I found out that he passed his test taken in the spring.  
I received a 227 on Step 3...which I was very proud of considering the exam is 85% adult medicine and I haven`t done any adult medicine for the last three years. I would recommend this course to anyone worried about passing the test, especially those in non-adult oriented residencies. The course was focused, concise, and contained information that I saw on question after question. Thanks, Joey Rexine Pediatric Chief Resident
  Joey Rexine MD
Hi. Being a psych. resident, it was hard for me to keep myself updated in other medical specialities. Therefore, I took your course in September 2007 and found it to be extremly helpful. I followed your advice and appeared in step 3 within 3 month and passed. I thank you for your efforts and advice.
  Asad Mehdi
The course is ideal, and contributed significantly to my passing Step 3. My score Increase by 9 points, I got an 82
  course attendee
My score increased by 10 percent.
Just the right amount of information. The exam questions and topics, although different format, were almosty exactly what was taught in the live class.
  previous student
I am a foreing graduate without clinical experience in USA. The course help me to understand how the system work in USA. Importantly, I was very confident in the exam, since I did not find any topic in the exam that was no covert for the course. I passed the exam with an 85
I had taken numerous different courses for Step 3 and had failed the exam using their notes and methods! Your course was the only course that gave me the essential information needed to pass this exam! Many of the questions on the exam were worded exactly the same as you had in your course.
overall very good program that I would recommend to others.
  course attendee
Excellent format, high-yield and thorough coverage of material required to succeed in exam and residency. Thank you.
  Course Attendee
class is very high yield and concise
I got good useful info, hopefully I will do better in practice, I can resume my residency in peace. Thanks alot!
  Sama Mahmoud
lectures were concise and covered all the topics which i need pertinent for my preperation in taking step 3.
  course attendee
Your efforts in updating material, and your availability for clarifications both during and after the course are greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.
  Course Attendee
I learned alot and the information was concise and straight to the point.
  Oladele Thomas
Very good step 3 review course. I appreciate your work. Best step 3 course!!!
  live course attendee
Great course! Works because it is concentrated and thorough. No time wasted and very well organized. I applaud both of the instructors.
  live attendee
This course is thorough, up-to-date and high lights most important information. I am very pleased about the quality of material and teaching method.
  Riaz Ahmed
Excellent content for preparation in one week. I am looking forward to taking the course and then USMLE Step 3.
Well I passed. I know you guys have the best program. This was my second time around taking step 3. I got an 80. You guys are on the ball thank u so much.
This is the most concise USMLE Step 3 offered. Especially useful for trying to pass USMLE Step 3 for licensing purposes. Provides excellent direction for home study and encouragement to pass USMLE Step 3. Live course is well worth the money!
  Live Attendee
I enjoyed the course and think the material will be very useful in my studies for the exam.
  course attendee
Excellent course!! Well-organized lectures filled with questions to make you think.
The course material is very high yield and I greatly appreciate the job done by Dr Agrawal and Dr Akhter.
The course is very concise. The content is very much focused and exam related. Both Doctors Agrawal and Akhter are very calm and patient with excellent teaching skills, it has been an excellent learning experience.
I will like this opportunity to thank you all deeply. I took the course in March 08, took the test in April, and passed it with a remarkable increment from my previous attempt. I did NOTHING but read the handouts provided and work with the CD with the cases. Again, thanks!!! Karelis Sierra-Cintron MD Psychiatry Resident
  Karelis Sierra-Cintron MD
Course material and teaching was very helpful. I would defiantly recommend this course to everyone. You guys are doing a great job.
  live attendee
Excellent review course! Enough material with excellent emphasis on pertinents. Would advise to anyone. Review course should be taken prior to an attempt to sit for Step 3
Material is very organized and concise. I feel confident I will pass after having taken this course!
  course attendee
The course was outstanding. The materials were comprehensive and focused. The instructors are excellent lectures and have given me a lot of confidence.
  Dr. Whitten
I recently found out about this course and compared to other course I can say that Premier Review was the Best by far!! The notes are deeper in content then all the review books I’ve read. Thanks a lot Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal.
  Javier Gonzalez MD
Concise, up to date information with quality recommendations. Continue the good job. Bravo! A must before attempting Step 3
  Babatunde Salako MD
I think or better yet I am convinced that this is the best course I have taken, it is very focused to the material needed to excel in the exam. I congratulate both of you and the rest of the crew for the great review course. Thank you
  Edinson Camargo Arias MD
I am very happy I took the course, very organized and knowledge based. I would recommend it to everyone.
  Roopali Parikh
Premier Review addressed the doubts that I had in my mind about the subjects. HATS OFF TO PREMIER REVIEW.
  Dr. Das
Excellent review. I liked the lectures and instructors teaching. They give everything that needs to pass the exam.
  Farida Kazvinova MD
Dear Drs Agrawal and Akhter, i took your step 3 live course early March and the test 2 months after. I am sure many people don`t bother giving you feedback once the scores are published but i felt the need to personally thank you. It has been almost 12 years since medical school and more than 10 years that i am in ophthalmology. Medicine changed A LOT since i studied it and i was terrified from this test. I could not afford failing it as i had a position waiting for me. The course material + UW questions was my only source of info, i read it over and over again (at least 5 times as recommended...). Your course is extremely high yield for the test!!!!!!!! I smiled once or twice during the test as i remembered jokes or stories that were told in the course. I received my results this morning with a first time pass of 86/207. You guys are doing an AMAZING job, and hope you will keep on helping doctors at their difficult moments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart N
Excellent course, well organized and covers high yield material. Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal have been wonderful. Thanks
  Dr. Ibrahimi
Thought course was fantastic. Giving me confidence that I feel I need since I have not yet begun a residency program. Thanks
  Dr. Bazaco
I think premier review is excellent, specially for people who are busy in residency and does not have much time to study due to busy schedules. This course (live or home preparation course) are guarante to pass especially if one combines with USMLE WORLD qbank and CCS cases and plus minus Crush step 3. So I will highly recommend this course to anyboy who is scared or has failed in the first attempt
After taking the Live Course in June I studied for 4 weeks and took the test after. I scored an 84! You guys are doing a marvellous job. Thank you
I took your course in late June and just received my passing score today. I improved by 18 points (in the 3 digit score). I recommend your course to everyone and say that your notes and teaching are exceptional. Thank you.
  Live Attendee
Dear Dr. Agarwal and Dr. Akhter, I am writing to convey my gratitude for all your hardwork. I thank god and your effort for enabling me to score 96%, 225. I took the home kit for my review - the service was really good and the course material was amazing, especially Dr. Agarwals Internal Medicine. Being fulltime employed with very little time to read I think Premier Review is the best use of time, effort and money and would recommend it to one and all.
  Syed Abbas Hasan
Premier Review was a great help for my test-3 preparation.I got 81(198) with three revisions. I would highly recommend this material for other test takers.I would like to personally thank Dr.Agarwal,Dr.Akthar.
  Recent test taker(Dr.Hari)
This course was fantastic. I would recommend it to all my colleagues.
Great program!! The material is well laid out and focused. The teaching was excellent with alot of amusing anecdotes sprinkled through.
  course attendee
This was an excellent course. Thank you so much. Material very relevant and up to the pint and well presented.
  live attendee
This review course was very helpful overall both for preparing for Step 3 and for a review of important topics for any residency. I am happy I made the decision to attend this course.
  2008 Attendee
I liked the way of approach towards the clinical problem. I fell if is most advantageous for people like me who are not yet exposed to the clinical medicine in USA. Thanks for everything. It boosted my positive thinking.
  Course Attendee
Content is amazing and simplified. Good review put together was very helpful. The best part for me is the approach of the CCS cases. Will recommend to my friends.
  live course attendee
This is a very high yield course. Dr. Agrawal’s internal medicine notes are excellent. He taught really well how to come to the answer, which is very important for Step 3. Dr. Akhter’s OB/GYN notes are the best notes I ever saw. Also his CCS session was very good. I learned all basic of CCS. Overall I give 10/10 rating to this review course.
  September 2008 Live Attendee
This course is concise, covers all high yield in a very short time. More over it keeps the connection with topics that is lost while doing only questions.
Really amazing course! Very concise and to the point. Awesome coverage and integration of medicine.
  course attendee
I wish I knew about your course earlier.
  Dr. Michael
Very organized, concise, pertinent material (not so much that its unable to review several times prior to the exam) Instructors are both wonderful, extraordinary and humorous. Material is updated frequently and we were given the new changes.
  Dr. Woodberry
Great review, concise and to the point. Kept the info clinically relevant for the exam, stressing what is important to know. Appears quite thorough. Instructors are very knowledgeable and approachable. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  Dr. Ramirez
Extraordinary course.
  Dr. Rashid
Extraordinary review, good job, thanks
  Dr. Shahzad
I love the focused information distributed to the class.
  Dr. Zimmerman
Information on internal medicine is excellent. Overall great for the exam. Very high yield.
  Dr. Abovyan
The lectures are good and easy to follow. There is not another Step 3 review course that truly helps to prepare the student as well as this course does. The instructors explain the material in such a way that they enhance your confidence and leave you feeling prepared.
  Dr. Pean
I took premier review because i failed twice, step 3, After premier review i passed with a solid score. To any person with difficulty passing the exam try premier review its worth every penny, and it is great. The professors are great and very knowledgable, and updated onj everything.
  Arman Abovyan
Dear Dr. Akter and Dr. Agrawal, I received my step 3 results yesterday and got 86 (3 digit- 207). I was so surprised 1stly that I passed and that too with a an 86. I thought surely I am going to fail after my 2 unsuccessful attempts [ 71 score]. My hearty thanks to your premier classes and your teaching, without which I am not if I would have made it. You classes cover topics like Immunization, geriatrics, and skin which no other source of Step 3 provides. all I did this time was Premier notes and UW with explanations. After this I did MCQs in timed mode. At 1st in my MCQs I did not score well, but after reading Premier 6-8 times again and again, I started scoring in the 60s -70s.This boosted my confidence for the actual exam. I strongly recommend Premier Live course and all the advices you gave us during the classes and in the breaktime. Even after the classes were done, both Dr. Akther and Dr. Agrawal were very prompt in answering my questions which I would email them every week. I liked the personal touch wherein I could even talk to you just before the exam to get some final advices. I have a position waiting for me and I thought I would not be able to see the horizon, had it not been for Premier!
  Live Attendee
Excellent review course. Helped me focus and arrange material. Especially being a resident it helped focus on important topics and questions were excellent. Very Well Organized.
  Jay Sohal. MD
Great lectures and well organized lecture notes. Narrowed down points for easy memorization, eliminates unnecessary information.
Very concentrated material, straight to the point and not hard to memorize. Faculty was always available for discussion. Best intensive live course for this exam.
  Course Attendee
I attended the Premier Review Live course in NY on March of 2008. Before this course I could not figure out where to start and how to study. A lot of knowledge was organized and most of it started to make sence. I learned about 80-90% of my notes from this course, and did questions "USLMEworld" and passed after 1st attampt with score above 80. Thank you!!!
  Tatiana B,MD
Excellent course. More than enough material. I wish I had come for Step 2. It’s more than just giving us notes. It’s expiations and possible question and answers relevant to the exam that makes this course so good.
  Live Attendee
Excellent review course, very organized and with the best teachers. It helped me a lot to organize and update my knowledge.
  Efrain Acosta, MD
The course is focused, consolidated, complete and informative. I am feeling good that no more other books. stay focus, get confident through Premier Review. Thank you Drs. Akhter and Agrawal.
  Farhat Shireen, MD
This course was really a God sent. Thank you for your dedication and simplifying the material!
  june attendee
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