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Great review, concise and to the point. Kept the info clinically relevant for the exam, stressing what is important to know. Appears quite thorough. Instructors are very knowledgeable and approachable. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Dr. Ramirez

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Thank you Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter for this great course. It helps me understand how USMLE Step 3 works.
  Carlos Jordan, MD
Excellent review. Now I feel confident and adequately prepared for this grueling exam.
  Deochand Deepo, MD
Excellent review of the high topics for step 3. After this course, I am sure, I am going to pass it.
  Fernando Hadad, MD
The course material is very organized and has up-to-date material to pass the exam.
  Aneela Kazi, MD
St. Elizabeth Hospital, Washington, DC
I enjoyed the course. This course is the way to gather all of the high yield information. It allows me to emphasize on the important details.
  Iris N. Torres, MD
Excellent course. I am grateful to Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter for instituting this course.
  Ramez Sulaiman, MD
I`ve got my results yesterday: passed with 78! I improved 6 points. Thank you again and I think that hard work always pays off.
Best wishes,
  Maryna Roberts
( December 2006 Course Attendee)
Hello Dr. Agrawal & Dr. Akhter,
I just wanted to say I think your course is really great. I took your course in December took my boards in Jan and received a Passing score. I absolutely recommend your course highly. All I used to study were the note offered by you. Once again Thank You.
  Iris N. Torres, MD
I appreciate the review and the knowledge that helped me with passing my exam. Point of thought, since I am a DO, and your course did not have any information about this, would it be of interest to bring a third person to teach this part. This way you could be able to offer to osteopathic students also.
  Course attendee, for COMLEX
Hi Dr. Akhter,
I just wanted to let you know quickly that I finally passed! Thank you both so much for your help and great advice. I was hoping to contact you in the near future to talk a bit but again wanted to quickly thank you. The course was excellent and just what I and so many others needed!
  December 2006 Course Attendee
I am writing to tell you that I passed the USMLE step 3 which I took two weeks after I attended the review course last Dec. I thank you for helping me know where to focus my studies. The technique is simple. I listened intently to the lecture (I sat on the second row, and came in very early each morning to get that seat), and I read the review materials over and over again as soon as I got home at least 8 hours per day. Each time I read it there was an item that I had overlooked before, so I would recommend at least reading it 4x. It was true, I could hear Dr. Agarwal`s voice while I was taking the test, and I could not help but smile. I enjoyed his jokes which made my review experience lighter. I had a lot of those in my test. Of course the all time favorite MI, CHF DM were always there. As Dr. Akhter puts it, we should have a good grasp of the basic knowledge of medicine and when you achieve that level you will surely pass step 3.
Thanks again. Now I have to prepare for the pediatric boards.
  December 2006 Course Attendee
This course is very thorough and the speakers were exceptionally helpful. I feel that I will be prepared now to pass the exam.
  Georgina Lou Huff, MD
I found Premier Review course to be a very resourceful tool for USMLE Step 3 preparation and a general practice of medicine. I recommend the course of all prospective residents.
  Ibrahim Ahmed, MD
Dear Drs. Akhter and Agrawal,
I took course in December 2006, the week before my Step 3 was scheduled. I just received the result – I passed, and my score is 80! My previous attempt was 3 months ago and I failed by 1 point. I found your course to be a perfect boot camp for exam preparation. I felt much more comfortable and, definitely, much better prepared!
Thank you very much! Good luck in your future endeavors!
  December 2006 Course Attendee
Excellent and complete material for step 3. Easily explained and easy to understand. Will recommend to my program.
  J. Saifollahi, MD
It was a wonderful course. The most important point is that now I know, how to fill my knowledge gap now.
  Cesar Santana, MD
December 2006 Course Attendee
I was in your Premier Review course in Sept. 2006 and I just received my Step 3 score of 85 today. I would have never done if had I not taken your course. Thank you so much for the concise and focused teaching. This is exactly what the busy residents (especially of other specialties than Medicine) need to pass this exam. I will highly recommend your course to every one.
Thanks for your hard work. This is the best new year`s gift I have ever received
  September 2006 attendee
As a foreign graduate I have obviously had my problems in passing the USMLE Step exams and the Step 3, in particular. I have tried Kaplan Review courses without any success. I had to fail the Step 3 twice before deciding to attend your Review Courses in order to pass the Step 3 without any problem and with a 95 score. I definitely encourage anyone in my same situation to avoid wasting time, resources and money in less valuable courses and focus themselves straight to Premier Review Course since the beginning. I sincerely thank Premier Review to have helped me to close this painful experience with the Steps with success.
  Lorenzo Silvestri, MD
Drs. Akhter and Agrawal:
Thank you so much for making my dreams come true. I finally passed my USMLE III because of the finest review course I ever attended.
  Dr. Joel De Guzman
Absolutely fantastic, not just a review for step 3, but great educational material for being an astute physician. These guys are some of the best lecturers I have heard. I would recommend this course be incorporated in every residency program.
  Anjan Kumar, MD
Drs. Akhter and Agrawal are excellent educators who care about their students. They know how to get the information across in a way that can be remembered. The handouts are very high-yield and so are the practice questions given in the class. I think the course is a hidden gem for the step 3 exam and there is none like it
  Uri Elias, MD
Extraordinary effort was evident in the preparation of the educational material.
  Clifford Andrew Kolba, Ed.D, D.O. MPH
If you are in primary care, this course is a must. This course will prepare you for rest of your medical career. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent .
  Salim, MD
I was initially overwhelmed at the quantity of the material but the way it was presented and the integration of questions, throughout the lecture provided a way of handling the vast amount of knowledge in a feasible way with a lot less stress of management.
  Kathrine A. Pearce, MD
I was studying different references for my test. Your course covers all the subjects that I was looking for. I am so happy that I took this course and appreciate your great help.
  Babak Jazayeri, MD
Course is detailed, provide the platform and help to focus on pertinent important issues so you don`t waste time on studying unnecessary details.
  Arshas Mahar, MD
Nice approach, covered major topics and difficult subjects and made them simple. Eliminated the unimportant words to focus on what needs to be learned.
  T.C. Lckey, MD
This course offers an extraordinary wealth of information in a concise, organized fashion that prepares you to take both multiple choice and CCS cases with confidence.
  Alex Funicello, MD
I am Dr. Samir Haddad, I took the Premier Review Course for Step 3 in June 2006. I appeared for the test in July 2006, and I passed it with a very good score. The Course was excellent in all points of view including information, knowledge, organization, assistance and scheduling. I recommend it for all who are planing to take USMLE Step 3, specially for physicians who are away from internal medicine.
  Dr. Samir Haddad
I just wanted to thank again both Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter for their course that I took last June. I had taken the exam previously without any course. I took this course so that it would help me to know exactly what I needed to know in order to pass the exam. After the course I knew exactly what I needed to study in order to pass the exam, and believe it or not, I not only passed the exam, but the difference in the score from last time was 28 points!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
  Jorge Rivera, MD
Philadelphia, PA
Dear Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal,
This is Radka Klein, one of the attendee of recent June course. I took step 3 just two weeks after your review course and I came to know recently that I passed. Since I just started my residency it`s a big relief not to carry around USMLE anymore.
Thank you very much for your hard work to make my life easier. It was my first experience of live prep course and I am very happy I had an opportunity to join the review.
  Radka Klein
Graduate from Slovakia
"Your course gave me the motivation and knowledge I needed to study and PASS the test. It is superior to any other course I have taken in the past!!
Thanks again. You guys were great."
Accurate material and new material- " Right on". Professionalism is refreshing to see. Cleared up questions from CCS.- " No Worries". Increased confidence in taking exam. I will recommend to all my American friends that think they do not need a course… THEY DO.
  Robin (American Graduate)
Good course for step 3 preparation. Short, concise, up-to-date. Brief notes facilitate learning and memorization.
  Larry Maturani, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
Excellent course and review of essential material. (no excessive superfluous info included). Greatly focused on essential "need to know info." With great review questions and case simulations. Great environment. Great and friendly people, very reassuring that you will pass this material. Made me feel more relaxed about the test. IF YOU NEED TO PASS STEP 3 MUST TAKE THIS COURSE.
  Maheen Rajput, MD - Iowa
They taught us, what stuff is asked in USMLE, how they are asked and how to answer the problem. This effort to teach us intensive course in a very short time is excellent. Wish them best of luck. Advise everyone to take this course before exam.
  Pervaiz Qureshi, MD
Premier Review step 3 is an excellent, well organized and appropriate course. It meets the need of everyone who wants to pass step 3 in timely manner. It is recommendable!
  Benjamin Francois, MD
The course was very concise. The most pertinent information was presented clearly and in a way that was easy to understand. This course far exceeded my expectations. I feel much more prepared compared to studying on my own.
  Peter Castillo, MD
The course was very well done!! The best USMLE review course I ever had the pleasure of attending!! Material was concise and focused on the key information and concepts needed to pass USMLE step 3.
  Charles " Chuck" Van Meter, Jr. MD
Helped me reset my mind into USMLE step 3 way of asking questions. Helped me great in understanding CCS case pipeline and software. I am confident I will pass.
  Carlos, MD
Dear Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal I think you are a blessing to all who were to fortunate enough to attend this course. May your hard work and dedication bring you satisfaction and abundant life.
  Jean Nduwimana, MD
I should have taken this course earlier during my residency. It gave me more confidence into retaking the step 3. Because now I know what material is really important and what is not.
  Jorge Rivera, MD
Excellent course, lot of material, covered everything good. Especially the recent materials like vaccinations. Excellently updated. Thanks, it will help me a lot. Thanks for advice and strategy.
  Nishi, MD
Excellent course- The note is concise, precise, to the point. Too bad I did not (take the course) earlier, needs more advertisement. This is the most comprehensive course available. Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal were simply brilliant in their "presentation".
  J.W., MD
Overall an excellent review course, comprehensive, directed and focused. I feel I will be very prepared for the exam.
  Eugene Kim, MD
Excellent course.
  Pedro delcorral, MD
High yield information, helps to direct the study in a optimal way. This is what you get and I think you do a good job on that. I will recommend your course for sure.
  June 2006 Course Attendee
Excellent review course with emphasis on high yield material. The tips given to differentiate and pinpoint the correct diagnosis will be very helpful during the actual examination.
  June 2006 Course Attendee
The teaching and review materials are so organized that it is very unlikely you will not pass USMLE step 3 when you take this course. This is my honest observation. Besides passing the USMLE, it gives you an overall review of your clinical work that you may need later in practice.
  June 2006 Course Attendee
Strong effective and efficient teaching, such that anxiety was decreased and confidence was increased. Excellent tips and advice on test taking as well studying for the exam. Very very pleased I took the course.
  June 2006 Course Attendee
The course provides excellent information for step 3 review. It is the best course (at least I know). One does not need to look for more information, from here, since all necessaries are given via handouts and notes. Just "absorb" and "go". The MCQs and CCs are perfect for those who have not entered residency program.
  June 2006 Course Attendee
Syllabus is exam oriented, concise, easy to review. Covers most commonly asked questions.
  June 2006 Course Attendee
It is an excellent review course for people who do not have much time to sit and study.
  June 2006 Course Attendee
Extraordinary course, very nice experience.
  June 2006 Course Attendee
Excellent course, great teaching.
  June 2006 Course Attendee
Dear Dr. Agarwal and Dr. Akhter,
It is with pleasure and pride I am writing this letter. I attended your course in March and took my Step III in August and Internal Medicine Boards in September. I passed both the exams. I went with confidence for Step III. I just hated the exam for what ever reason. Internal medicine was very genuine and state forward. Your course helped me extensively. I was inspired by your teaching which was key for my success. I thank you both of you as you have made me very happy and successful. I have recommended to my colleagues your course. Dr. Agarwal you are really great! Thanks once again.
  Course Attendee
Dear Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter,
This is just a brief e-mail to let you know that I successfully passed step 3 and show my appreciation for all your teaching . I believe the course was terrific. Very high Yield. I felt very confident and well prepared for the test. Thank you very much!!!
  Silvia Los, UMass
I think this is the best help; I could have to pass this, toughest exam of life. Both of you are excellent teachers and best persons.
  Syed Zaidi, MD
- March 2006 Course Attendee
The course provide a comprehensive coverage for both clinical management skills and USMLE step 3 board exam. It is worthwhile especially for surgery residents in programs with minimal primary care experience.
  Derold Dsaintllus, MD
- March 2006 Course Attendee
I believe the previous course was so useful for my studying, I prefer to take it second time, since my residency workload did not allow to be prepared enough for the exam.
  Can Savasman, MD
- March 2006 Course Attendee
Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter,
It is with great pleasure that I inform you that I have passed step 3. I received my scores yesterday of 202/83. When I took the test the first time I scored 174/70. I am elated. Thanks for offering this great course, which increased both my confidence and knowledge for this very difficult exam. Because of my busy schedule, I was only able to review the material twice with the exception of cardiology. I reviewed this information four times. This was the area that I performed the best in (previously the worst). I would say to anyone contemplating taking this course that I recommend it without reservation. It works. It provides high yield information important to the board examiners. In my opinion, it is better than Kaplan.
  Obstetric and Gynecology Resident
A very detailed, yet concise review. Wonderful review for the general practice of medicine as well as preparation of USMLE Step 3. Everyone should take this course in the early years of their residency. The orders in which diagnostic test and treatment options are applied have been clearly illustrated. Many questions have been reviewed here where answers require a fine distinction. The amount of material covered is very large. Given this, the review could become tiring. However the review is very enjoyable because Dr. Agrawal and Akhter are very talented teachers with a great sense of humor. Enjoyed the course tremendously!
  Steven Deschner, MD
- March 2006 Course Attendee
This is an excellent course, what we need the material to pass this exam is there in the course and what information we don`t need is not there. This is the most to the point information, what we needed to pass this exam, especially those answers, which we are looking for and is not available, in the books easily is available here in this course material. Well done.
  Shah Nadeem, MD
March 2006 Course Attendee
I always said, "I wish someone would take everything, I really needed to know for these exams, organize it and present it to me and tell me what to highlight," and that`s what this course seems to do. It was also very well organized and very professional.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
A very good review and prep for step 3. Review covered appropriate material and was to the point. Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal did a wonderful job covering the material and providing insight how questions could be asked.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
Really refreshing. Enjoyed the course. I`ve been to the other review course (Kaplan) but I still believe this was more comprehensive, uniform and exam relevant. Will definitely recommend my friends.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
Excellent review course, very useful for the residents who are busy with their training. Well prepared review notes. BETTER THAN KAPLAN.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
For a six day program the organization is excellent. The CCS is workshop is very helpful. I feel that you have highlighted all the important aspects and it was an excellent review.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
To the point information presented. Taught very well. Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter explained course material in a very simplified form, making learning the information much easier. Thank you very much.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
Very focused, exactly what you need for the exam, very useful if you are in a residency program where you have limited time to review.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
I am very grateful for both of you. I think you are great teachers!!! The course was great. Very high yield material.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
Extraordinary review course. Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal do an excellent job in emphasizing pertinent and high yield topics.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
Good course, complete, nice review, especially for a resident hard pressed for time and who has not taken a board exam for more than two three years. Thank you for your wonderful organization.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
Extraordinary course. This course was very helpful.
  - March 2006 Course Attendee
Dear Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal,
First of all, I hope you are doing well! After attending the December 2005 Step 3 Review course, and taking the test on February 2006, I passed the test! I really do not have words to describe how thankful I am to both of you for helping me pass this test.
You are both excellent professors who gave us motivation to accomplish this important goal in our lives. Without a doubt, I will highly recommend this course to all people preparing for this exam. Thank you once again...
  -Nesly Hneich M.D., M.P.H.
St. Elizabeths Hospital (PGY-II)
Washington, D.C.
My name is Michelle Bandy. I am a Family Practice resident in Chicago, IL. I took the Premier Review USMLE Step 3 course late 2005. I just want to say thank you to the Program directors and lecturers. I passed USMLE Step 3 on the first try after the course (with a respectable score). I would recommend that anyone preparing for Step 3 take the course, even before attempting the test. Do not wait to fail the test. Prevent the need for a retake. Thank you again.
  Michelle Bandy, MD
- December 2005 Course Attendee
I want you to know that I am currently working at the VA Boston Healthcare System and I have and appointment as a clinical instructor at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. All this is happening thank to your wonderful step 3 review. I would like to thank you again Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal. Your efforts change the life of many people.
  - Jorge A. Villafuerte M.D.
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Very focused, high yield crash course for quick preparation and very helpful for people who can not spare lot of time studying.
  Sreelatha Ukkadam, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
Very thoughtful presentation of relevant points including hundreds of important clinical pearls, I have not seen before. An excellent foundation before studying- very high yield and the price is right.
  Joseph Missett, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
Excellent lecture series concise enough.
  Geoffery Kaman, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
I wanted to pass on my results after attending your Step 3 course Dec 5-10, 2005. I was not able to take the test until Feb 13-14 due to the time delay in processing my license application. Once I received my scheduling permit, I scheduled my test immediately. I continued to review your material from the course, I did the questions on the USMLE CD, but did not spend anytime investing in other test banks, etc. As of March 9, 2006, I have my unrestricted license to practice medicine. I had so many struggles passing Step 1, but I passed Step 3 the first time.
  - December 2005 Course Attendee
Dear Dr. Akhter,
Thank you for the wonderful Step 3 course. I took the exam in December about 10 days after the course. I was post-call and took two days off to take this exam. I passed with a score of 83, thanks to you for streamlining my study process making this step of my education process easier.
I am grateful for your help and for making me feel excited about learning and teaching once again.
  - December 2005 Course Attendee
Dr. Akhter, Dr. Agrawal,
I would like to thank you and your course once more for being a great source of help in my victory over USMLE step 3. I took your 12/2005 course and then the exam 12/20/05, & 12/21/05. I received my PASS results 1/23/2006. May God continue to bless you and enlighten you to teach this vital course.
  - December 2005 Course Attendee
Dear Drs. Akhter and Agrawal,
I attended the December 2005 step 3 review and took step 3 on 23rd December. I passed the exam with a score of 86. I am extremely happy as I was very worried about my ability to take an exam like step 3 in general medicine after having trained in psychiatry for 7 years . I cannot but give you at least 90% credit for my passing the exam. I will be eternally grateful to you for helping me pass this horrible exam.
Dr. Agrawal I would also like to specially thank for showing me how to teach, as I may as well need this skill in future. Yours truly,
  - Sreenivas Katragadda, MD
December 2005 Course Attendee
Much better than Kaplan. Kaplan seems not to be concern with the passing of the exam. Premier Course is very concerned about passing of the exam and gave many insights to taking the exam. Very concise.
  - Michael S. Lepera, MD
December 2005 Course Attendee
A better presentation than Kaplan review. Very condensed material. Much more pertinent information. No fluff. Very well organized and thorough.
  - Robert Berberian, MD
December 2005 Course Attendee
Great course, not only for USMLE Step 3 but also makes you a confident medical professional, no matter which specialty you belong.
  - Nazir Lone, MD
December 2005 Course Attendee
Very well organize, focus in high yield topic for step 3! Welcoming environment. It is an excellent review course for step 3.
  - Nesly Hneich, MD, MPH, Washington DC
December 2005 Course Attendee
For some who has been away from general medicine for few years, I can not imagine a better organized course / material.
  - Sreenivas Katragadda, MD
December 2005 Course Attendee
Greatly prepared concise, focused, formulated and marvelously presented. The best learning experience for an exam, I ever had.
  - Javaid Rashid, MD
December 2005 Course Attendee
Dr. Agrawal`s lectures were brilliant ! The material is exceptional ! The notes are easy to read and supplemental questions are second to none. Keep up the great work, I wish I took this course before my step 3 attempt. I am confident now, I have a much better chance of passing. Thank you for the time and effort. Awesome sense of humor to keep the students amused and interested.
  December 2005 Course Attendee
Notes better than Kaplan. Program well structured and organized.
  December 2005 Course Attendee
This review course focuses on high yield facts for USMLE step 3, better than any other source I know. The faculty were clearly interested in teaching and making sure that we understand the topic. I would highly recommend this review course.
  December 2005 Course Attendee
I attended the course in 9/05. I took step 3 exam end of Dec 05. I passed with a score of 80. I was able to review the course only once because of the time constraint due to hectic residency schedule. This course helped to focus on what is just required. I am gratified and pleased with how much the course helped me to pass this test. I also liked the fact that the course was only six days and not longer. I didn`t get many Statistics questions for the test, which was probably good, as I am weak in that area.
I want to thank both you again. I would recommend this course to my colleagues/friends.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
Premier Review, USMLE Step 3 review course was excellent. During just 6 days you can learn everything you need to pass exam with high score as I did.
  - Miroslawa Rubaj, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
Dear Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter,
I like to thank you for guiding my studies in a focused manner. I know without your course, I would have read too much unnecessary stuff. I did not have much time to study - working 80 hours a week and only having 6 weeks to prepare. Thank you so much - I passed.
  Martina Müller, Austria
September 2005 Course Attendee
Thanks, for the high yield crash course, I passed Step III today (79%). I would definitely recommend it to others.
  Sreelatha Ukkadam
September 2005 Course Attendee.
Premier Review was much more concise than any other review prep I had done before. All I need to study for the test is Premier Review notes. After taking this course I can’t wait to take step 3. NBME -Bring it on, I am ready now.
  Emarcia Peete, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
The material presented is excellent and much focused. Questions are very valuable. Faculty is very friendly, very knowledgeable and very helpful in preparing for this dreadful Step 3 exam. I truly appreciate their help. I would recommend this program to everyone.
  Vijaya Reddy, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
Just reading review books for step 3, I believe will not be enough for the test. Dr. Akhter and Agrawal has pinpointed areas that are real high yield. I intend to read the materials several times these coming weeks and I know I will be ready.
  Joel De Guzman, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
Dear Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter,
I am very pleased to tell you that I just received the results of my Step III exam. I scored 10 points above my previous exam and I passed!!! To refresh your memory, I am a surgical resident PGY 3 and as you can imagine I didn`t have enough time to study. So I am very pleased I took the time off, to attend your course. I am very happy, and I want to thank you for the carefully designed course you provided me! I will recommend your course to other surgical residents.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
I am very pleased to tell you that I just received my PASSING score from the Federation of State Medical Boards. I am very happy, and I know I could not have done it without your course. The course you are providing gave me the knowledge boost and confidence that I needed to successfully complete the exam. I cannot thank you enough--other than to tell EVERYONE they should absolutely take your board course. Not only was the week I spent in New Jersey enlightening, I made lasting bonds with peers and will forever be using these notes to refresh and continue my ongoing medical education. Having passed this step makes me feel complete, justified in my choice of career, and confident that I have the ability to move forward in medicine. I`m planning on applying for fellowships now that I have all three steps complete. Thank you both so much! The premier course is FANTASTIC!!!
  Geoffery Kamen, MD Family Medicine
September 2005 Course Attendee.
Got my passing score in early October. I just want to thank you for the excellent job that you guys did. The course was definitely a huge help. I improved my score 10 points from the first attempt, and that`s what I really needed, to pass the stupid exam so I can move on. Now I can look for a job without the weights on my shoulders.
I only had a week between the course and the exam, so time was limited for me. I basically reviewed the notes at least three times and some four. The exam was really tough; it wasn`t that much easier the second time around. It was so tough that I thought I failed again. But I guess studying hard and studying the right material eventually prevails.
Anyway, excellent job guys. I`ve been recommending the course to my colleagues. Take care
  September 2005 Course Attendee
I reviewed material for step 3 from different books and Q bank but without Premier Review Course I don`t think I would have passed this difficult exam. The course helped me to be more confident; it gave us the essential guidelines to approach case simulation and MCQ (we do not find them in books and Q banks!!). Thank you for Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter. You make topics easier, simple and even pleasant. I highly recommend this course. I scored 83 even though I could not read the material six times.
  Marlene Blaizot, MD - France
September 2005 Course Attendee
I highly appreciated this focused comprehensive review. It helped me to organize my medical knowledge in a very systemic way. I know this course has changed my perspective in the way of analyzing clinical cases. I feel highly satisfied. Thank you Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter.
  Francisco J. Torres, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
I have used different study aids but this review was the most concise yet comprehensive of all. I feel that this course has taken what is important in medicine and made it into simpler and more understandable format to help me to recall all the information I need.
  David Sauraz, DO (Preparing for COMLEX)
September 2005 Course Attendee
I like the notes and prepared materials. Pace is great.
  Suzzana Jamison, MD
September 2005 Course Attendee
First of all I would appreciate Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal for their time and devotion. I would highly recommend Premier Review. I think teaching was excellent, to the point and many unanswered questions were discussed, exactly what we need for the test. In six days, we can not have a better understanding in dealing with all kind of questions as I did in this review. We have knowledge but in this review, we were taught how to apply this knowledge in different scenarios. I will highly recommend other USMLE candidates to attend this review. In the end, I am really thankful for all the delicious and wonderful snacks we were provided during the coffee breaks.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
Concepts are well organized- Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal took the time to make difficult and complicated topics easier to understand and remember by emphasizing key points and making tables. I will definitely recommend the program to my colleagues.
  Physical Medicine and Rehab Resident
September 2005 Course Attendee
Excellent course, much focused, high yield, very appropriate for current step 3 difficulty level. Really like the lecture- MCQ format. Notes are simplified- easy to understand, yet high yield. Like the tables and algorithm. Thanks for intense but great week.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
This course made me work and think. Truly a day work out. This review has finally has given me the help, direction, study organization. I have so desperately needed amid a busy residency schedule. Key information has been precisely organized, presented and re-enforced with repetition of key examples, relationships and easily confused association typically used as test questions and frequently missed during such a stressful test. I now feel confident, I can pass step 3 without a problem. Thank you for this genuinely valuable experience.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
Excellent course. Material more organized into manageable sections than Kaplan. Here with Premier, didactic info presented with all relevant details and then supplemented with short case scenarios. Kaplan presents case and then supplement with didactic information. Premier much more comprehensive in approach and easier assemble and study all the key concepts. Premier also excellent in CCS review and strategy.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
On the whole, I think the course much better than the Kaplan course, more focused and consistent.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
Highly recommended!! I am extremely pleased with the quality of the course. They covered material I would not have thought to study plus they give the new recommendations and that is extremely difficult to keep up with as a resident since they change yearly. In short, I would do the course again in a heartbeat! Thank you!
  September 2005 Course Attendee
FAR FAR SUPERIOR THAN KAPLAN. (NO COMPARISON). Professors make best effort to get all to learn the subject. Highlighting exam questions and making this test clear.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
Great high yield material. Would recommend it to anyone.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
Great course. Information presented was correlated clinically in most cases.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
Instructors exudes confidence. I will follow their advice. It seems like they are not just teaching a course, they are trying to help. That’s good.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
I found the course invaluable in providing a sense of focus in my preparation. Had I not taken this class, I would not have been studying to the necessary detail.
  September 2005 Course Attendee
I have passed my exam and started working. Thank you for both of you. You did a great a Job for us. I will definitely recommend the course to everyone I know.
  June 2005, Course Attendee.
Dear Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter,
I am happy to inform you that I have passed USMLE 3. Many thanks for your excellent guidance. It was very useful!
Sincerely yours,
  -June 2005 Course Attendee
I am happy to inform you that I passed the step 3 exam, which I took 5 days after your June, 2005 review course. I want to thank both of you for preparing me to surpass this hurdle during my Pediatrics Residency. Your materials are outstanding and the questions are extremely beneficial. Although I took the exam after reading your materials only twice I was able to gain 15 extra points (70 to 85) compare to my previous score. As you have advised I just need to know what you have discussed not everything in Medicine.
  June 2005, Course Attendee.
Excellent review of all you need to know for USMLE Step 3. Well organized and concise notes as well as comprehensive lectures. I was extremely satisfied. I just want to thank you for the additional support and encouragement.
  -Nalini Jagram, Medical Student,
June 2005 Course Attendee
After this course, I feel more confident about taking USMLE Step 3. Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Akhter have conveyed the material in a way which will help you not only to get through the exam, but also for residency, especially the PGY1. Thank you for everything.
  -Mamta Patel, Medical Student, June 2005, Course Attendee.
Your course is good. Basic things were provided within short period of time. Questions discussed were really nice. I hope it will make big difference in the exam.
  - Nurun Yusuf, MD, June 2005, Course Attendee
Your course was focused and test oriented. I found answers of many questions that I was unable to answer in my last test. I think your materials are enough to get through USMLE Step 3. Thanks for you efforts.
  -June 2005, Course Attendee.
Thank you so much. Especially for the cognitive dissonance theory. I loved your review course. You made a week of terror as pleasant as possible. I actually enjoyed the learning. I feel very confident that I will pass. I appreciate how organized and concise the material is.
  -June 2005, Course Attendee
Course highlights the important concepts to pass USMLE Step 3 examination. Very strong focused on internal medicine, health maintenance and case simulation.
  -June 2005, Course Attendee.
Excellent overall, I particularly liked the focus on what USMLE Step 3 will most likely ask in the test and how they will phrase it. Questions written are very helpful. Case simulation (CCS) helpful hints on practical issues.
  -June 2005, Course Attendee
This was a great review course. No review book is satisfactory. This course is full of important clues. Lectures make it very easy to understand and memorize.
  -June 2005, Course Attendee.
Excellent review although I finished already the internal medicine residency. I found it very useful, particularly the condensed high yield facts.
  -June 2005, Course Attendee
It’s a pleasure to inform you that I passed the Step 3 exam, which was taken in March 2005, I studied your material for 1 month, I am very pleased with the score I got. Thanks for helping. I will appreciate if you guys are doing any internal medicine review for the boards let me know.
  -March 2005 Course Attendee
The streamlined and topic emphasized information was perfect for a surgical/medical resident without committed time and heavy clinic/surgical duties. Reviewing the notes during the course and only 2 times again at home allowed me to successfully take the exam and pass with 204 (84).
  -March 2005 Course Attendee
I attended your March Conference and just received my scores of 204 (84). I reviewed your literature twice not counting the thorough review in the evening.
Being that I am a surgical resident I did not have a lot of time for review but this course IS THE ANSWER to no time.
  -March 2005 Course Attendee.
This course is a focused review of clinical medicine. Being a primary care resident, I am amazed by the amount of learning I had from Premier Review. To the dynamic duo, Dr. Akhter and Dr. Agrawal, thank you for helping me get my best USMLE score.
  -Jasmine Sampang, March 2005 Course Attendee
Excellent teaching skills. Most recent information presented in lectures. Very appropriate for the exam. Thanks for having such a course
  -Sridevi Davalath, Houston, TX, March 2005 Course Attendee
This is an excellent review for anyone who wants to be a good primary care physician. In my case, I have not started my residency and learned wonderful hints for hospital rounds and patient care. I would recommend this course to any doctor.
  -Enrique M. Cifuentes, MD (Medical Student), March 2005 Course Attendee
I took your course in March 2005. I just received USMLE Step 3 results I got 236/96 (can’t believe! 75% would have been like a hundred). I would like to thank you for your efforts of putting this course together which was very helpful. I was hearing Dr. Agrawal’s voice during the exam while I was answering question one after another. I think that you put together the most concise review I ever seen.
  -March 2005 Course Attendee
Great course, concise and to the point. Builds a good foundation for further study. A lot of writing, be prepared! Highly recommend, especially to those who don`t know where to start study?
  -Ruchi Nayyar- Mehta, MD (Medical Student), March 2005 Course Attendee
Even before taking the exam, I am very pleased with Premier Review. The course is worth the money. Material correlates with actual exam material (in my opinion). It addresses, computer software, which is done in no other course that I am aware of.
  -Larry Harvey, MD, March 2005 Course Attendee
Review course provided an excellent concrete assembly of all the subjects and a concise format to follow to optimize study time. The review is quick and easy to follow.
  -Alex Funicello, MD, March 2005 Course Attendee
Great job, material is precise, high yield. Discriminate between information of similar disorder/pathology.
  -Hanif A. Khan, MD, March 2005 Course Attendee
Very good for people who are already specialists in other fields. It tells you what you need to know, to pass the test.
  -Jorge Villafuerte, MD, March 2005 Course Attendee
Excellent review, the material is organized in memorable sections and very high yield topics are emphasized. The instructors actually tell you what to expect in the test.
  -March 2005 Course Attendee
A lot of efforts were put in this course and it was certainly worthwhile taking. One of the best I have taken since started medical school.
  -(Medical Student), March 2005 Course Attendee
I feel more confident after taking the course, I wish that I had taken it before I took the exam first and second time.
  -March 2005 Course Attendee
I have found the course to be concise and targeted for the board. Case simulation and exam questions interspersed within the course is a great approach that facilitates, interactive learning.
  -March 2005 Course Attendee
Best course I have ever taken compared to other review classes. I will surely recommend to my friends.
  -March 2005 Course Attendee
Thanks for this course! The material is all high yields! I appreciate how adherent you were to time. Start and stop time and breaks were all well placed.
  -March 2005 Course Attendee
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